Monday, March 2, 2015

After School Parent Engagement: A National Need

I’ve enjoyed working with parents all over the country. What I have uncovered is a need for a national education agenda to help parents. Too many K12 schools assume that parents know what they need to do to get their children ready to learn. We need to engage parents where they work and socialize every day. Parent engagement will help students get more out of school. Successful schools after school  programs make parent engagement a priority.  Here are some tips for parent engagement:

1. Use a location in the local community for a parents meeting

2. Have a job fair for parents at the school but offer a parent resource table too 

3. Get parents to serve as chaperone a specific after school event

4. Provide tutoring resources for parents to help parents with home work 

5. Get parents involved in after school robotics competitions

6. Identify a parent who will contact help to get supplies

7.  Involve the parents in a trip to historical sites

8.  Encourage parents to read with their child when they are at home.

The after school programs a perfect place to encourage parents to become more involve in their school. Too many schools have no parent involvement at all. Many of the after school programs help student to raise their enthusiasm for learning. Parents could have a meeting at the same time that their school District principals. We need more students who are enthusiastic about going to school. When parent’s are enthusiastic it gets your child excited about learning. Dr Stephen Jones is the author of the Parents Ultimate Education Guide at

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